Get To Know … Youth Network Lambda e.V.

During the events of our project we came across and got to know a great range of organizations and educators from Germany and Israel, that have diverse professional backgrounds and are in different ways engaged in issues of diversity-conscious and discriminatory-sensitive education, youth work and exchange. Our declared aim is to connect the dots of a German-Israeli educational network that actively deepens the consciousness of democratic values in youth work and exchange projects.

Therefore, we are going to introduce several organizations from Israel and Germany in the section Diversity Network to convey an impression of the great variety of our partners and current subjects in this field of work.

This time we talked with Nora Ellerbrock, who is a project coordinator for Youth Network Lambda, working with LGBTIQ* youth in Germany. They took part in the professional exchanges as well as in the conference of the project “Living Diversity”. We talked with them about their work, the institution Lambda and their experience with our project “Living Diversity”.

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