New Publication on Youth Exchange in Migration Societies Has Been Released

In the years 2018 and 2019 ConAct worked intensively on the topic of youth exchange in the migration societies of Germany and Israel. At the core of those efforts a series of new exchange projects with six cooperation partners has been implemented under the title Your Story Moves!. Young people were invited to share their personal and familial stories of migration and the lifes in the socities they live in.

The newly released booklet Your Story Moves! Encounters of Young People in Migration Societies: Snapshots – Contemplations – Ideas for Action sheds light on both countries’ migration societies and some challenges they pose for educators and youth workers, such as dealing with a pluralism of historical narratives. The publication further documents a rich and wide range of insights and experiences that were made by participants of both countries during the aforementioned exchange projects. Based on the observations and experiences made, it suggests ideas for action on how to plan and implement a diversity-conscious youth exchange in our migration societies in Germany and Israel. The aim to embrace and value the individual biographies and experiences of the participants can be truly empowering and at the same time serve as the key to find common ground beyond traditional categories.

Read the booklet in the digital version which can be downloaded in the German version here and in Hebrew here!

A print version of the booklet can be ordered for the price of shippings costs at ConAct.
Delivery is possible only in Germany.

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