The project “Living Diversity in Germany and Israel” aims at developing a German-Israeli educational network of organizations and professionals who wish to actively deepen the consciousness of democratic values in youth work and exchange projects. The project aims to increase the awareness of the existing diversity – such as in cultural, religious and sexual orientation,…

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Professional exchange programs: Organizations actively engaged in diversity-conscious education will be granted insights into the context, theory and practice in the other country. This exchange and mutual learning shall inspire their own working practices and will provide a foundation for possible cooperative projects in the future. A first exchange took place between August 22 and…

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If you have any requests on the project “Living Diversity in Germany and Israel”, we encourage you to contact our office or our Israeli partner, the Israel Youth Exchange Authority. You may also send us a message by using the contact form. ConAct – Koordinierungszentrum Deutsch-Israelischer Jugendaustausch Altes Rathaus – Markt 26 06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg,…

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