Your Story Moves!

Young people in Germany and Israel have diverse cultural, religious and national identities. Many of them come from families with a history of migration. They have often experienced immigration to Israel or Germany themselves. Over the past ten years, this has also become tangible and visible in youth exchanges: The youth groups are becoming increasingly diverse.

How do we further develop the German-Israeli youth exchange in order to live up to this reality? How can we value the diversity of personal and collective narratives while taking into account the historically significant connection to National Socialism and to the Shoah? Which migration (hi)stories can young people and their families tell nowadays?

In a series of three different cooperation projects under the title “Your Story Moves! Encounters of Young People in Migration Societies” young educators discussed these questions, focusing on diversity-conscious and discrimination-sensitive educational work and future perspectives for the German-Israeli discourse, while discovering both countries as (im)migration societies.