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(Hi)stories of a District

Germany has always been an immigration country. But it is only in the last two decades that the country considers its multicultural character as an integral part of its society. During our conference in November we opened the floor for a discussion around impulses for action in order to empower a productive and accepting coexistence…

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On Shared Existence in the Negev

This week we talked with Jamal Alkirnawi, executive director of the organization “A New Dawn in the Negev”. Jamal has been part of two programs in the frame of the project “Living Diversity in Germany and Israel” and he shared with us his thoughts on the importance of diversity-conscious education in his organization as well…

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My Pain – Your Pain: The Battle on Collective Memory

The following article has been contributed by Nili Keren, Ph.D., former teachers’ trainer and lecturer at the Kibbutzim College of Education in Tel Aviv. She is internationally recognized for her important work in Holocaust Education as well as research on the shaping of memory of the Holocaust in European countries. The national collective narrative of the…

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