Midterm-Reflection Has Been Released

Since autumn 2015 ConAct has been working on fostering the exchange on diversity in Germany and Israel through various bilateral events within the frame of the project “Living Diversity in Germany and Israel – Challenges and Perspectives for Education and Youth Exchange”.

The newly released booklet Living Diversity in Germany and Israel: Snapshots – Contemplations – Issues gathers subjects and issues that have been worked out up to this point: Which are crucial discourses on the diversity of societies in Germany and Israel? Which insights about similarities and differences could we gain? Which implications could be found for the common goal of diversity-conscious educational work that promotes democracy in both countries? How do we need to design German-Israeli exchange programs in youth services and encounters to work towards open and inclusive societies?


Read the booklet in the digital version which can be downloaded in the German version here and in Hebrew here!

A print version of the booklet can be ordered for free at ConAct.
Delivery is possible only in Germany.

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