Living Diversity in Youth Exchange

Training program for the German-Israeli Youth Exchange

Young people from Germany and Israel are increasingly bringing together a variety of personal stories, different cultural identities and national affiliations. An open and reflected approach of this diversity should be consciously included also in the educational work of German-Israeli youth encounters.

As part of the ongoing project “Living Diversity in Germany and Israel – Challenges and Perspectives for Education and Youth Exchange” ConAct is offering a training program in Mainz, Germany.

The seminar is based on older and new methods, which are already applied in the German-Israeli youth exchange and in the international youth work. These were gathered throughout the course of the project and alternative variants were developed for each method. The aim is to overcome their standardization and to adapt them to the needs of the respective youth groups. The methods are increasingly aiming to make the existing diversity visible in the youth exchange and to strengthen a diversity-conscious and discriminatory-critical approach in the educational work.

The project team, together with the participants from Germany and Israel, will test and reflect on methods related to topics of identity(s), representativity and democratic processes in diverse societies. The practical experiences from this seminar will be incorporated into the further development of the training program. In the third year of the project, the program will be tested once more, in order to be further implemented with the participation of young multipliers in the field of German-Israeli youth exchange and educational projects.

The training program is addressed to professionals and team-leaders of German-Israeli youth exchange and educational projects. Participants should have an interest in the joint testing, use and reflection of pedagogical methods.

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November 13 – 17, 2017

In Mainz, Germany: Seminar and accommodation will be at the advena Europa Hotel Mainz, Kaiserstraße 7, 55116 Mainz. The venue is accessible for participants with limited physical mobility or participants on wheelchair.

Training program to test a diversity-conscious method set for the German-Israeli youth exchange.

Participation fee is:

100 Euros for participants from Germany

400 NIS for participants from Israel

and it includes accommodation, full boarding and seminar program.

Participants from Israel will receive a flight reimbursement of 260 Euros. The flight will be reserved by the inviting organizations.

Participants from Germany can register online here

Participants from Israel can fill in the registration form and send it to

Israel Youth Exchange Authority

Tel. +9723-6969390   ariella[at]

The project “Living Diversity in Germany and Israel” is funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth through the German federal program “Live Democracy!” as well as through support from the Israeli Youth Exchange Authority.

We look forward to your applications and participation! Feel free to contact us for further questions.

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